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Binary thinking in a biological context

You may try to translate the male and female as binary. You can use the binary symbols to support this difference, a 1 (one) for the male, a symbol in its simplicity a straight line with a clearly defined start and end point. Opposite the 0 (zero), only one start point and a circle to complete. You can vaguely connect these symbols to the secondary sex characteristics of humans.

All human expression originates through the interaction of the female and the male, leading to a vast difference in the expression where virtually no two persons are identical.
This is also true for computer programs where the combination of binary symbols produced the whole of the binary world that is as vast and as differentiated as the biological counterpart.

In the biological world we cannot simply separate in the whole population two classes which would give injustice to the group that does not fall into either category, the whole of the complex spectrum of transgenders and variations of. But also for other human characteristics such as the color of skin or height.

The binary 0 and 1 are too simple to characterize a biological phenotype. This is also true for the binary computer world, a 0 and 1 in isolation are meaningless, only in combinations they form computer programs.

We should not take the symbols 1 and 0 to describe any biological status, this is way too simplistic. And it is discriminating when you do not below to either one for some reason.


Therefore it is fundamentally wrong.

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