Motion detection device

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The motion detection is created with a TTtiny85, this device is different from other Arduino devices. It has less pins and they are addressed different. there is also not a serial port debug window present, this makes development on this board a complicated at times.


The Digispark is powered by an Atmel Attiny85 MCU

  • The Digispark only has about 6 KB of flash memory for storing your code.
  • P3 and P4 are used for USB communication.
  • The Digispark does not have a hardware serial port nor a hardware serial to USB converter.
  • Analogue ports are numbered differently.
  • Analogue write ports are numbered differently from read.

Once the ports are figured out the code is very simple. The device retriggers, I have set a timout of at least 10 seconds on it, means that it will be on for at least 10 seconds when it does not retrigger, otherwise longer. Power is supplied though the USB pins. The enclosure only has 5 V, the relais that needs to switch 230 V is in another case. The 5V regulator is also in this case giving a complete separation of high and low voltage.