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This WIKI describes the developments done on both Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware. These are small low cost devices suited for IOT and small home applications. there are 4 units operational

  • Raspberry Pi3 to act as a NAS, database and web server
  • Two other devices are running KODI mostly for music and radio services.
  • The latest addition is a PI Zero which is a very small device used in a combination with Arduino to control temperature and data logging in a hot house in my garden

The Arduino hardware is smaller and used for standalone projects or in combination with Rasberry Pi. Two are used, one as a temperature controller in a hot house and another as a local weather station. Several types of hardware are used.

  • Uno as the primary development board.
  • Nano as the smaller footprint with same functionality for real use.
  • TY85 experimental for ultra low power applications.

External Links

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